The impact that photography had on the Civil War

How did photographs impact the Civil War? Photographs were only about twenty years old when the Civil War started. People knew that the war scene was bad but never really had to see it. Not until the Civil War. Officers had their photos taken as well and often passed them out to the men as a morale booster. President Abraham Lincoln had his photograph taken to boost his campaign. Military leaders on both sides also hired photographers to gain intelligence about enemy emplacements, roads, bridges and railroads. Intense images of battlefield horrors were presented to the public for the first time at exhibits in New York and Washington, many later reproduced by engravings in newspapers and magazines of the time.

I believe that even today photographs of war have an impact on people. I mean we do live in the era where we talk with photographs. But I feel like most people want to see the devastation’s of war. We today are numb with death and violence. So I do not think it would be a shock like it was back in the 19th century but maybe a cry and more political.


When Insane Asylums first came to be.

I have been working at Colorado Health Mental Institute-Pueblo for about two months now. In orientation I was told the history of the institution and how back in 1879 when it opened it was an insane asylum. This made me interested in the history of insane asylums. Why did we have them. Where did they first originated from.

The first asylum that came to be was in Pennsylvania in 1756. The Quaker colony started to notice that the poor population was growing and there was no help for them.  They decided to make workhouses but then those started to be to expensive that Pennsylvania decided to build almshouses so the poor can have better treatment that was not as expensive.  This institution was called Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane.

In 1769 several  mentally ill people were wondering around the community of Williamsburg, Virginia that would cause havoc. They were unfit for the almshouse that Virginia had to build a separate institution which would be the first “lunatic” asylum which today is known as the Eastern State Hospital.

In the 1800’s there was  a big demand for insane asylums. Almost every state had one by 1820. But then again there was not much research about mental illness. To the point that masturbation was considered an illness. Anyone can report anyone to have a mental illness. It got to the point that women who were menstruating was an illness and so was being lazy. Doctors experimented and tortured patients to try to free from there illnesses.

In 1820-1863 Josiah Quincy and John Yates started to visit and investigate these insane asylums and would report the neglect and abuse that the asylums would inflict there patients.

The only thing that I found interesting is that we still have a few of the same problems with mental institutions that we did back in the 1800’s. There is still under staffing. There is still a problem (not as bad) but mentally insane patients still go to jail instead of getting the treatment that they need. But then again it goes hand in hand with the under staffing.

The H-bomb

If you have been keeping up with North Korea and there H-bomb testing then you know that it could be a matter of time before they make a strike on the United States. Over the weekend North Korea had a nuclear test that on record is the most powerful nuclear weapon so far. Reading at 120 Kilotonnes (264.55 million pounds worth of TNT). Some experts are even claiming that it is an advanced Hydrogen bomb that might not even be in the category of being a Hydrogen bomb.

I understand people and countries hating each other and the whole who ever has the biggest and baddest weapon is the most powerful country. I do not see myself as an expert of anything; so I know that I can be wrong with my opinions but everyone has opinions. I think bombing another country is idiotic. We may live on the other side of the planet or somewhere that seems far but we all live on one planet. So if Armageddon happens on one country it will some how effect the country that is doing the bombing. I mean when a volcano erupts somewhere in the world it does not just effect that part of the world but other parts as well. Yes it does matter on the size of volcano or bomb. But if North Korea is trying to bomb all of the United States then most of the world is kind of Fucked as well. I mean did we not learn from the United States bombing Japan!?


Who am I?  I am Britney Ann Gibson. I am Hispanic, Puerto Rican , and Caucasian. My mother is first generation American. My father is sixth generation American. I am a twenty-two year old full time college student who is married, owns a house, and is drowning in debt. I am going to school to get my art degree,  I would like to be a photographer, digital artist and graphic designer. I have a few clients now but my ultimate goal is to be a concert photographer and travel around the United States and hopefully the world. Except right now I am in 201 U.S. history writing a blog.

The question that I was asked is “Why is studying history important?”. The reason we need to study history is so we learn from our mistakes and try not to fuck up again. But then again there is a saying where history repeats itself. Studying history lets us see past events and we can learn about the different cultures of how we came to be. Why we are in the situations we are in today. Not just in the united states but in any part in the world.