Who am I?  I am Britney Ann Gibson. I am Hispanic, Puerto Rican , and Caucasian. My mother is first generation American. My father is sixth generation American. I am a twenty-two year old full time college student who is married, owns a house, and is drowning in debt. I am going to school to get my art degree,  I would like to be a photographer, digital artist and graphic designer. I have a few clients now but my ultimate goal is to be a concert photographer and travel around the United States and hopefully the world. Except right now I am in 201 U.S. history writing a blog.

The question that I was asked is “Why is studying history important?”. The reason we need to study history is so we learn from our mistakes and try not to fuck up again. But then again there is a saying where history repeats itself. Studying history lets us see past events and we can learn about the different cultures of how we came to be. Why we are in the situations we are in today. Not just in the united states but in any part in the world.



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