The H-bomb

If you have been keeping up with North Korea and there H-bomb testing then you know that it could be a matter of time before they make a strike on the United States. Over the weekend North Korea had a nuclear test that on record is the most powerful nuclear weapon so far. Reading at 120 Kilotonnes (264.55 million pounds worth of TNT). Some experts are even claiming that it is an advanced Hydrogen bomb that might not even be in the category of being a Hydrogen bomb.

I understand people and countries hating each other and the whole who ever has the biggest and baddest weapon is the most powerful country. I do not see myself as an expert of anything; so I know that I can be wrong with my opinions but everyone has opinions. I think bombing another country is idiotic. We may live on the other side of the planet or somewhere that seems far but we all live on one planet. So if Armageddon happens on one country it will some how effect the country that is doing the bombing. I mean when a volcano erupts somewhere in the world it does not just effect that part of the world but other parts as well. Yes it does matter on the size of volcano or bomb. But if North Korea is trying to bomb all of the United States then most of the world is kind of Fucked as well. I mean did we not learn from the United States bombing Japan!?


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