The impact that photography had on the Civil War

How did photographs impact the Civil War? Photographs were only about twenty years old when the Civil War started. People knew that the war scene was bad but never really had to see it. Not until the Civil War. Officers had their photos taken as well and often passed them out to the men as a morale booster. President Abraham Lincoln had his photograph taken to boost his campaign. Military leaders on both sides also hired photographers to gain intelligence about enemy emplacements, roads, bridges and railroads. Intense images of battlefield horrors were presented to the public for the first time at exhibits in New York and Washington, many later reproduced by engravings in newspapers and magazines of the time.

I believe that even today photographs of war have an impact on people. I mean we do live in the era where we talk with photographs. But I feel like most people want to see the devastation’s of war. We today are numb with death and violence. So I do not think it would be a shock like it was back in the 19th century but maybe a cry and more political.


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